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Back To The Nonsense

June 25, 2011

So I was at the theater where they had shot a few scenes of Back To The Future and we saw a bunch of set lights behind the buildings. AKA where they originally shot for the movie. So we went to go check it out and they were setting lines of fire on the street. Was super sick. I had to piss pretty bad so I went to a restaurant near where all the directors were. So when I came back I casually slipped into the tent with them and when they were ready to shoot I inconspicuously walked over with them. I chilled there for a bit then took off to go watch my movie. Was pretty neat.



June 20, 2011

I finally got this god damn thing running today. Feels great to drive it again.

After ASB I will be dumping money into this little guy. First comes coilovers and wheels.