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April 14, 2015




February 17, 2014


So I got a call from my buddy Hert a few weeks back saying that he wanted Karl Wasabi Osaki to do some tandem donuts at the Hoonigan headquarters in Los Angeles. Unfortunately I am a lazy piece of shit and my car was still broken from All Star Bash 2013. So I told Hert that I’ll bring my Z (that is now running like a god damn champ) and hope that the 39 year old differential will be able to do cool things. All in all I met a bunch of cool people and got to do a pretty successful burnout. Hoonigan should be releasing their “Smoke Break” video of it fairly soon so stay tuned!


January 20, 2013

Got some fender mirrors. Diggin it.


Guess I shouldn’t neglect this?

December 23, 2012

It’s been a while. Here’s a few things from the last All Star Bash. The media sucked pretty bad once again. The 240 is starting to look real ugly now. Lost all my fucks to give. 




Karl and I were pretty much driving like this the whole event. Pretty bummed that no video has really popped up. 


Some dudes I was driving with on Horse Thief Mile. 


I suppose that’s it for now. And I guess here’s a recent photo of the Datsun. 


Best Friends

December 4, 2011

They usually just hang out right here.

Getting Better

September 9, 2011

Took a few pictures tonight since I don’t have any actual photos of it. Not exactly the best looking thing but give me some time and it’ll only get better.

Face Lift

August 6, 2011

So I have been searching for the earlier year s30 front valences for my 75 Z. Yesterday I called into work sick. I haven’t hit up any junkyards in quite some time. So I decided to do just that. First one was real fail. So then I was off to the second one after picking up Mr. Squidd. We get there and walk a few aisle in and I spot one valence on a 240z with turn signal and I was excited to just find one. But thank Satan the other was lying under the car ( minus the turn signal) but that was just fine with me. Also took the 240z tail light panels to try to sell them to some jackasses. Right after that Sky had found the car he needed to get his doom wagon rear 5 lug and another wagon that he scored some clean interior out of. All and all real successful day!

Next is 240z grill, front dam, and earlier bumper then coilovers and all that fun crap.


June 20, 2011

I finally got this god damn thing running today. Feels great to drive it again.

After ASB I will be dumping money into this little guy. First comes coilovers and wheels.

Working on the wrong thing…

April 27, 2011

Should be working on the motor of this stupid thing but the tail light panel has been bugging the shit out of me… I recently scored a pair of panels at a local junkyard for real cheap so I had no choice but to buy them so I can replace my cracked to hell old ones. I don’t really have a before shot but it looks 100 times better.