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Guess I shouldn’t neglect this?

December 23, 2012

It’s been a while. Here’s a few things from the last All Star Bash. The media sucked pretty bad once again. The 240 is starting to look real ugly now. Lost all my fucks to give. 




Karl and I were pretty much driving like this the whole event. Pretty bummed that no video has really popped up. 


Some dudes I was driving with on Horse Thief Mile. 


I suppose that’s it for now. And I guess here’s a recent photo of the Datsun. 



All Star Bash XI

July 10, 2011

So ASB XI was last week and god damn was it hot. On Saturday I believe temps got up to 115 at one point.

Here is a quick video of my first run on Saturday running Streets counter clockwise. Nothing especial at all.

After a few more runs on Streets this happened…

Chewed through the whole passenger fender harness. I have had that thing tucked real good and have never had problems with rubbing it. Oh well though. Time to tuck everything real well this time around.

After this had happened I didn’t even feel like going out into the sun to mess with it so I pretty much just bummed around Saturday.

But come Sunday morning I quick fixed the car before the sun could get to me and ran Horse Thief Mile and Streets clockwise all day without a problem.

There wasn’t shit for media this year so this is all I have at the moment.

One More!

November 7, 2010

Speedhunters released a few more pictures from JD Halloween Bash. This is officially my favorite shot of my car!

Just Drift Halloween Bash

November 6, 2010

Halloween weekend. Just drift. Awesome! Once again another awesome JD event. It was a two day event but I ended up just going up Saturday night so I could drive horse thief mile the next day.

Unfortunately I only got maybe two or three 30 minute sessions in before I broke an axle. Nonetheless I had a great time.

forgot about this thing…

November 2, 2010

I guess I can just throw everything related to my car that has happened within the last few months into this post?

Repainted the car for All Star Bash.

Broke a lot of aero that day. Was fun!

The guys at Adams kart track were able to get Irwindale Speedway to allow them to hold events at their lot.  Super cool.

A pretty boring lame video.

This one is a little bit cooler. I am at 3:50

Car sat for a bit. Hella show car status. HA

I just did a Just Drift event held by Just Drift on Horse Thief Mile. Was tons of fun! Pictures should be surfacing on the interweb pretty soon. Will update then.